now that i’m going to california i really need to get back into running

i just cant get fucking motivated….

but i want to wear a cute baithingsuit and jean shorts while im there and look nice and not be over heated because im too fat BLAH

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i’m tracking my food intake and exercise on send me your usernames if you use it and i’ll send you a friend request!

breakfast/lunch: the other half of burger/fries from yeasterday
snack: pretzel crisps with artichoke and asiago dip

i woke up late and had a rough start so i didn’t get to eat breakfast, fuck. i wasn’t hungry and now it’s way too late to eat. 

butttttttttttttttt on a plus side i drank a SHITLOAD of water.

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this is pretty much what i eat all the time for breakfest. vanilla yogurt with granola. so friggin gooooooooooooood. looking at the pictures makes me want some now lmao.

breakfast: granola and yogurt
snack: banana
lunch/dinner: half a burger from original joes with a side of salad and fries and a frozen hot choclate from second cup

i shouldn’t have had the coffee but whatever i went out with a friend and i never go out or eat out ever so once isn’t going to kill me.


i stopped going for like two months and it totally fucked me up and i gained 10lbs. i’m so fucking dumb. but whatever, i’m back to it and it’s all good now. i’ve already lost 4 lbs in 2 days so i’ll lose the rest easy. it’s just frustrating that i stopped going but i can’t punish myself for it. i just can’t do it again. i won’t do it again. i want to fucking lose 50lbs by new years and i want to do the tough mudder in 10 months.

i’m gunna start doing a daily intake and taking pictures to make my blog better and not just inspiration pictures because i feel like it’ll benefit me if i do that. so lets start with today.

breakfast - vanilla yogurt and granola mixed
lunch - piece of kale and sausage quiche 
dinner - small ceaser salad  

i should of ate a banana for snack but whatever, at least i’m eating. 

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